Together, Shimmy and Josh have started a successful Amazon business. We have created an Amazon course sharing our knowledge of successfully selling on Amazon. Together we have been able to make over $250,000 on Amazon so in under 2 years.  


My name is Shimmy Morris and I'm currently running an Amazon Business with my Business Partner. We have worked on amazon for a few years now and we have learnt how to successfully list product after product making each one as successful as the other! We have got our products to page 1 on Amazon for multiple keywords and have sold over $250,000 worth of products!

I also do a variety of things as well as Amazon. My next biggest venture is Online Teaching. I have multiple courses teaching a range of different subjects, from Fiverr, to Facebook Marketing. My biggest and most successful course is Azon University, this is a course teaching the entire Amazon Process. I really enjoy helping others create there business and see the success they deserve, this is why I aim to make a training course for anything I'm successful at online. I also do private coaching for Amazon training, if you wanted something more tailored to you this is a good option.

​In the last 3 years I have set up a t-shirt company where I sold my custom designs, done photography for big events such as weddings, and car rallies. I have spent over $50,000 on Facebook Marketing. Had multiple successful Fiverr gigs, explored Youtube, Twitter, Instagram Marketing, as well as other things.

I'm quite a perfectionist, I really think things through before doing them, sometimes it leads to failure, but that good, because i'll see what went wrong and where I need to improve.

I love sports, especially playing sports... Football, Table Tennis, Basketball, etc. I also love music, currently I'm learning the guitar, it's hard but worthwhile. I have a huge passion for Photography, I also love taking and editing photos, I now do it professionally here and there. I also have a great passion for cars, I love cars, driving them, they're design, how they work, everything about them! The last thing I'll tell you about is Travelling... I love to travel and visit new exciting places! I've been to a few places, as of writing this i'm only 21 so I have a lot more time to visit the rest of the world.

I run an Instagram page where I document my travels through photography, As travel photography is my favourite niche in photography. ​You can check out my Instagram below if you like.


My name is Josh Morris and I’m travelling the world while running an amazon business with my brother and business partner Shimmy. I started my journey into adult life stacking shelves in a local supermarket, and decided this whole ‘job’ thing wasn’t for me.

Since then I have consulted for local businesses, sold digital products online, collected thousands of emails and become an affiliate marketer, and now, selling products through e-commerce as well. The e-commerce business that I have with my brother has passed 1/4 of a million in sales, and it continues to grow as we add new products.

I wasn’t always the person to travel and own a successful business and be happy with my life. I came from a difficult start and over time I have developed myself to be happier and more motivated than ever. This let me to start a self development blog lovinggrowth.com called where I aim to teach people how to find their best selves and create the best life possible.

I love reading self development books, it’s actually an obsession. I cover these books in little notes and thoughts and I’m constantly finding life hacks to improve. I’m always working on my productivity and trying new tricks and hacks to make my life more efficient.

I plan to keep helping businesses with their websites and businesses, while at the same time moving towards self development and lifestyle growth through my blog LovingGrowth. I love working with people, and I know i’ll be moving in the direction of coaching to groups, webinars and live audiences.

I will do all this while also travelling the world and making videos along the way. I love to teach and help others while also working on myself at the same time. In fact, creating videos for other people helps me learn even more so it has both benefits.