Amazon has huge potential at the moment. The possibility of creating a successful Amazon FBA Business is very likely and with the help of a course or a coach you could get there. A lot of people like taking courses however there are some who prefer 1 to 1 coaching. It's more personal and the sessions are tailored to you and your product. 

If you are a total newbie and haven't learnt anything regarding Amazon, coaching will not only help you get there, but because the sessions are 1 to 1 over Skype or in person, you'll get there much more quickly. ​

I started coaching in January 2016. The students I've had have successful Amazon business and still get in touch for meet ups and performance reviews. It's an ongoing relationship even after you've set up your business. Having someone there guiding you along the way of choosing a product, buying a product, creating a listing, selling that product, branding, etc makes life much easier. 

Below I'm going to lay out the basis of what we will cover. Every student will be at a different level and after our initial consultation I'll be able to make a program tailored just for you, no matter what level you are. Below will be a basic outline of everything that could potentially be covered if need be. 

What we can cover:

1. Finding a Profitable Product
Amazon Product Research
eBay Product Research
Alibaba Product Research
Checking Demand for any Product
Checking the Competition for any Product
Potential Research Tools for you
Calculating Profit Margins 

2. Amazon Seller Central 
Setting up your Seller Central Account
Connecting a Bank Account
The Reporting Tab
Payment Tab
Advertising Tab
Processing a Refund
The Promotions Tab

3. Finding a Supplier
Signing up for Alibaba
Messaging Supplliers 
Negotiation with Suppliers
Getting Samples and Private Labelling 
Full Templates 

4. Making your First Order
Creating a Listing in Amazon Seller Central
Getting your FNSKU - Amazon Unique Label
Paying Suppliers
Creating Shipping Labels in Amazon
Potential Problems with Customs

5. Keyword Research​
Google Keyword Planner Tool
Using Deep Words
Using Amazon to find Keywords
Using Amazon Ads to find Keywords 
Using Merchant Words

6. Creating the Listing
What kind of Listing do you Need; Variation or main
Preparing the Listing Backend
Creating the Description, Title and Bullets
Preparing 9 High Converting Images 
Creating a Brand
Pricing a Product

7. Getting Sales​
Using the SuperURL
Giveaway method with Facebook, AMZ, Family, Friends
The 4 Day Giveaway Plan
Getting 10+ Initial Reviews
The Loss Strategy
The Promotion on the Page Strategy
Facebook Ad Boost

8. Advertising
Amazon Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Google Advertising
Youtube Advertising

9. Extras
Brand Website
Tracking all Numbers
Profit Spreadsheet
Best tools to invest in
Auto Emailing Customers
Getting a Best Seller Badge Easily
Customer Service
Discussion into other Market Places, Europe, U.S.A, UK

Every session will be tailored to you and your product. What you see above is just a basic overview of what we can cover. 

How much will this Private 1 to 1 coaching cost?

Initial consultation via email or phone will be free. We will discuss your aims and what you would like to achieve selling on Amazon and I can explain the benefits as well as the process of our private coaching sessions.

Shimmy Morris

Phone: 07956224669

Joshua Morris

Phone: 07749021795

Coaching session: 1 Hour

Skype - £100/per Session
Phone Call - £100/per Session
In person - £130/per Session


Kevin Meza Teespring Mastery

Shimmy's course delivers plenty of useful information without making you wade through a lot of time-wasting filler. I found the information Shimmy included regarding Facebook marketing particularly useful.

Alvin Phang Teespring Mastery

Thanks for being so honest and showing us everything you do. love the examples you given + campaign examples + real good stuff that works. God Bless​

Eugene Reyes Teespring Mastery

What a great course and great content! I have zero knowledge when it comes to teespring when I started with this course. In less than 24 hours from starting I was able to launch my first campaign and already generated a small amount if sales from my campaign! This is a great hobby business to get into when the option of going big, and this course will put you in the right path. Thank you Shimmy for sharing your knowledge!!

Chika Make Money on Fiverr

This is a course that gives you ideas on what you can offer on Fivver if you don't already know what to do. It also shows you step by step how best to present yourself on Fiverr.

Lori Swift Facebook Advertising 1.0

Shimmy is an excellent trainer. His videos are brief and to-the-point with all the information needed to succeed presented clearly in just minutes. His training is really amazing. It keeps my attention.

John Ardizzone Facebook Advertising 1.0

Shimmy did an excellent job of presenting the material. I get the feeling that he has a lot of experience at ad creation on Facebook and it shows in this course.

Jona Bossman Facebook Advertising 1.0

I would say that after this course I have learned a lot more of the finer details, but this really made my life a lot easier. it not for this course I would not have understand a lot of things I had to learn in the future. I would say this is the first step, start here after you know this by heart, then move to more advanced. Baby steps guys Baby Steps.

Winn Jones E-commerce Domination

Great course to get your eCommerce shop up and running quickly. Thank you.

Felipe Garcia Make Money on Fiverr

Great information and very comprehensive, making it accessible to people at different levels of familiarity with the Fiverr platform. I highly recommend this course.