Facebook Advertising 2.0

The new Facebook Ads course is now out! I have been creating this course for a while now and its fully ready and updated. Tons of new information and everything fits with Facebooks new layout. There are some awesome case studies in this course as well as some detailed explainer videos with the whiteboard.

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Azon University

Over the last year and a half my brother and I have created a highly successful Amazon business generating over $300,000. In this course we teach you every step to create your own Amazon business without having to spend a fortune. This course is great value and because you won't have to spend money testing lots of different methods as we have already done that for you, you will end up saving money! 

Get for $10 - Usually $140

Teespring Mastery

I have personally sold over 5000 t-shirts with Teespring and brought in over $70,000. Instead of keeping my secretes and methods to myself, I have decided to share them in this course. I love helping others create business and earn money, and this is definitely an incredibly fun way to do so. Whether you enjoy designing or not this can be an enjoyable experience for you. Click 'LEARN MORE' to be taken to the sales page.

Get for $10 - Usually $140

Make Money on Fiverr

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a market place where you offer a type of service for $5. You can offer extras and make a lot more than $5. I was using Fiverr a lot when I left school, it's a great way to earn some money for that next trip, or to pay of some debt. You can of course earn a living on Fiverr, but I chose to use it more as a hobby. I offered Video reviews and on average I got paid between $15-$25 per order. That's a lot more than $5. I decided to make a course teaching exactly how I did it and how you can do it to earn yourself a few thousand dollars. You could earn over a thousand dollars a month if you persist and become a Top Seller, and that's all possible with this course!

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Kevin Meza Teespring Mastery

Shimmy's course delivers plenty of useful information without making you wade through a lot of time-wasting filler. I found the information Shimmy included regarding Facebook marketing particularly useful.

Alvin Phang Teespring Mastery

Thanks for being so honest and showing us everything you do. love the examples you given + campaign examples + real good stuff that works. God Bless​

Eugene Reyes Teespring Mastery

What a great course and great content! I have zero knowledge when it comes to teespring when I started with this course. In less than 24 hours from starting I was able to launch my first campaign and already generated a small amount if sales from my campaign! This is a great hobby business to get into when the option of going big, and this course will put you in the right path. Thank you Shimmy for sharing your knowledge!!

Chika Make Money on Fiverr

This is a course that gives you ideas on what you can offer on Fivver if you don't already know what to do. It also shows you step by step how best to present yourself on Fiverr.

Lori Swift Facebook Advertising 1.0

Shimmy is an excellent trainer. His videos are brief and to-the-point with all the information needed to succeed presented clearly in just minutes. His training is really amazing. It keeps my attention.

John Ardizzone Facebook Advertising 1.0

Shimmy did an excellent job of presenting the material. I get the feeling that he has a lot of experience at ad creation on Facebook and it shows in this course.

Jona Bossman Facebook Advertising 1.0

I would say that after this course I have learned a lot more of the finer details, but this really made my life a lot easier. it not for this course I would not have understand a lot of things I had to learn in the future. I would say this is the first step, start here after you know this by heart, then move to more advanced. Baby steps guys Baby Steps.

Winn Jones E-commerce Domination

Great course to get your eCommerce shop up and running quickly. Thank you.

Felipe Garcia Make Money on Fiverr

Great information and very comprehensive, making it accessible to people at different levels of familiarity with the Fiverr platform. I highly recommend this course.