My First 1000 Instagram Followers!

I’ve been on Instagram for quite a while! I started by really struggling to get likes and followers… I even used up my entire library of photos and still couldn’t get passed 300 followers.

I have been doing some new methods that I’ve figured out and learnt from others and have finally been able to get to 1000 followers. Since writing and uploading this blog I have already passed 1500 followers.

The first 1000 followers took me over 6 months! The second 1000 will take me about 2 weeks! That’s what I call growth…

I started by deleting every single photo in my feed and starting again. That way I know I have about 6 months content, and I have multiple trips planned so I should get a lot more content in this 6 months.

I have a Travel Photography Instagram account. I’ve been studying photography for over 6 years and I absolutely love it, so I thought what would be better than an Instagram account, showcasing those photographs.

I’m going to share 2 ideas with you, one being slightly obvious and the other not so slightly obvious.

Idea 1: After posting your photograph you want to try and bump it to the top posts section of as many of your hashtags as possible. So, after posting a photo, you want to start liking and comment on lots and lots of photos that are similar to yours. You can go into one of your hashtags and like as many as possible. You also want to comment as much as you can, but real genuine authentic comments. Not a smiley or something, actually say something about the photograph your looking at.

Idea 2: Lots of people are very against mass following other people, and I totally understand and agree to a certain extent. Following then unfollowing even those who followed you isn’t really my favourite idea, however following and only unfollowing those who didn’t follow back isn’t so bad.

The only problem is, you want to keep engagement up so it’s useless to just mass follow random people. This is a cool little idea when it comes to following. You could go and find an influencers page, someone just like you with a much larger following and follow their followers, that’s the easiest option.

The other thing you could do is find popular photos that are very similar to yours and see who has liked it, then go down the list and follow those who liked that photo because they’ve been proven to like these types of photos so your follow back rate will dramatically increase.

The last thing you could is to see who has commented and follow all the people that have left genuine comments, this one takes the longest amount of time but you’ll get the highest return in followers and probably the most engaged followers.

Doing any of these follow methods is also great straight after posting a photograph because most people will follow and like your photo and this could dramatically boost your photo to the Top Posts section.

These are a few ideas I’ve amassed since taking Instagram seriously! There are still so many more ideas and tricks I have when it comes to Instagram. One thing which is probably the most important is getting your hashtags right! But I will teach that via an email and in my new course.

I’m working on a course, which I will bring out as soon as I hit 10,000 Followers.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you want more awesome tips and help with your Instagram you can sign up below and get exclusive help and be the first to know about the new course when it comes out.

*Update: Since writing and uploading this blog my Instagram has grown to 2415 followers!

  • Shim
  • November 7, 2016