The Rise of Amazon -Your Slice of The 100 Billion Dollar Pie

A Humble Beginning

Amazon started with a simple website selling books. It was a humble beginning and Jeff Bezos the CEO had high hopes for his new online retail store. The innovative and visionary entrepreneur went on to add more and more categories into the site, until its the full store you see today.the-everything-store-book

In the book “The Everything Store” you can learn about amazons start. It was a struggle. Most companies were born out of hardship, difficulty and repeated failure. When Jeff Bezos had the opportunity to start he only had $70,000 in his saving and just two choices. He could purchase a house, or start his company. Jeff came from a corporate background and was advised to not waste his money on starting an online book company. He was warned about the giant players already existing in that space.

Growing To 100 Billion

Lucky for Jeff, he ignored that advice, and went on to build one of the biggest
companies that exists today. Amazon growth is very strange. Investors started by saying it was a really bad bet because of how much debt Jeff Bezos was in. But over time, Jeff has proven that he can go into huge amounts of debt, and lead to massive growth and profits.amzn-rev-1998-2015

Amazon did over 100 Billion last year and is on path to do more than 120 Billion this year. Their stock growth is beautiful to look at. Jeff keeps innovating with new products and strategies to advance the buyers experience.

Prime, the one day delivery service has now been joined by prime now, the one hour delivery service. There will be drones flying overhead to deliver your parcels. Fresh food delivered to your door. These are just some of the innovations that Amazon are working with.

Being An Amazon Seller

As a third party seller on amazon, I am forever grateful and appreciative of what Jeff Bezos has created. This platform is an opportunity for the average joe to create a business from scratch, without knowing the complications of retail or having to invest anything into setting up a retail store.


Our Amazon Sales In The Last Year

The future of amazon is very exciting. The are always innovating and finding new ways to increase conversions, which helps third party sellers. They are also spreading into new countries and giving us much more reach with our products. The possibilities for third party sellers are endless.

I love selling on amazon because they make the retail process so easy. They already have millions of customers with their fingers on the buy button, and they all trust Amazon with their eyes closed. Amazon have one of the best distribution platforms in the world and they give us access to it just for signing up as a third party seller.

If you want to learn how to sign up as a third party seller and start using Amazon’s platform to sell your own products, then check out Azon University. It’s our university program teaching you how to start an amazon business that will bring in over £5000 a month in just 6 months.

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  • Shim
  • November 29, 2016